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BeMidbar - Ben Chamesh L'Mikra

פ' במדבר Ben Chamesh L’mikra בס"ד
- הענינים מלקו"ש השבועי ועוד -
נשמת אפרים לע"נ ר' אפרים ב"ר אברהם ע"ה האפמאן
§ Resource to encourage the study of the Rebbe’s sichos §
Designed for use in the classroom or at the Shabbos Table

Understanding of the Parsha according to the teachings of the Rebbe ממ"ש

QUESTION: What does the name of the Parsha, BeMidbar, reflect in relationship that this Parsha always precedes Shavous?
ANSWER: In preparation for receiving the Torah, a Jew needs to draw close to learn Torah in a state as if it was located in the desert, a desolate place that only the Torah exists. ('תורת -מנחם התוועדויות' תש"נ כרך ג, עמ' 241)

QUESTION: HaShem did not have the people counted in order to know the number of people, rather the counting expressed His Love for each Jews. How did the counting, which disregards the individualism of each unique person, express the Love?
ANSWER: Precisely in that the actual counting HaShem did not judge each person for a relative “value”, that the Love is expressed for the essence of each Jew, which is equal by all. In HaShem’s “eyes” no distinctions exist between one to another, He Loves each one since just like one counts each item, so each item has the same value to the counter. ׁ(לקוטי שיחות כרך ח, עמ' 1)

QUESTION: Rashi explains in reference to the encampment of the Tribes around the Mishkan that the word מנגד means from afar (not close) of a mil, but within 2000 amos to come on Shabbos. Why is the lesson for us?

ANSWER: During the week one needs to be removed from the holiest places in order to accomplish one’s purpose in the world. However, on Shabbos one needs to draw close to the holy matters, since Shabbos causes all one’s weekday actions to be for the sake of Heaven. (לקוטי שיחות כרך יג, עמ' 1)

QUESTION: What is the spiritual lesson of the second of Sivan at Har Sinai (beginning of the preparation period for receiving the Torah)?
ANSWER: The second of Sivan is related to the three messages from HaShem to the Jewish people
והייתם לי סגולה the initial point of service to G-d is being chosen by HaShem
ממלכת כהנים the next point of service exists in the permissible matters being done for the sake of Heaven, that within all of one’s actions one should connect to HaShem
וגוי קדוש the final expression of service to G-d is in learning Torah and keeping Mitzvos in a manner “separated” from the profane. (לקוטי שיחות כרך יח, עמ' 18)

QUESTION: What is the lesson that three types of the Jews regarding being counted?
ANSWER: The types of counting indicate the types of relationship a Jew can establish with HaShem. The first type of counting was done of the majority of the Jewish nation by conventional methods. This type is indicative of those that do Mitzvos and good deeds. The Leviim were counted by Divine announcement indicates the level of Jews that learn Torah. And Aharon HaCohen was not counted which indicates the level of connection to G-d through Mesiras Nefesh. (לקוטי שיחות כרך לג, עמ' 1)

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